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Read some recent feedback from customers of Connecticut Companions and Homecare Services.

“While I was recuperating form a serious car accident, I called Connecticut Companion and Home Care Services to fulfill my transportation needs. The driver they provided was extremely careful, very pleasant and always on time. The car she drove was in excellent condition and safe. I heartily recommend the services provided by Connecticut Companion and Home Care Services.”

— Natalie G., Norwalk, CT

“I needed weekly transportation to oncology appointments for chemo infusions, phlebotomy appointments for drawing blood as well as cardiology appointments. Also, I need my prescriptions picked up and some grocery shopping. But most of all I needed someone to sit with me at these appointments and to spend time with me after these long days. It was so ice to have a meal prepared for me and to know that this wonderful person would return whenever I needed her. I know that I could not manage without Connecticut Companion and Homecare Services and so I recommend them wholeheartedly.”

— Frances G., Fairfield

“I had twins! I felt overwhelmed, over worked and over tired. Connecticut Companion and Homecare Services came to my rescue. They provided a professional who could stay overnight so that I could get some much needed rest. In addition they grocery shopped, ashed clothes, changed diapers, helped with all areas of baby care and provided transportation for me and the babies to get to the pediatrition. Also, they tend to set a much needed schedule for the babies. I left my twins in excellent care when I needed to go for my personal appointments. I could not have asked for a better agency.

Thank you to Connecticut Companions and Homecare Services.”

— Mary Ann H., Greenwich

“When my mother cracked her pelvic bone, I knew she would need more care than I could provide. From the hospital, she was ent to a nursing facility with rehab. Before her discharge, I contacted Connecticut Companions and Homecare Services to asist her on her return home. They provided her with companionship worked around the house and shopped for her, transported her to appointments, and spent time conversing, reminiscing, and assisting her. They even cleaned out her refrigerator, which needed to be doe after her stay at the hospital and the nursing facility. When she was steady on her feet and much better, they even accompanied her to my son’s wedding so that she could participate in the events of the day which also allowed me to more fully enjoy the day.

This was a difficult time for me but we got through it with the help of this agency.”

— Donna G., Huntington

“My son broke his leg playing football. His compound fracture necessitated extensive recuperation before returning to school. My wife and I both workand could not take excessive time off. Connecticut Companions and Homecare Services were a godsend. They provided companion services, cooked light meals for him, helped with dressing, toileting, and personal hygiene. Furthermore, they provided transportation services to doctor’s sppointments, eventually to rehabilitation sessions, and finally drove him to school until he could get their under his own steam. When my wife and I returned from work each day, the agency’s companion recapped the day for us and we found our son relaxedand happy. We VERY highly recommend Connecticut Companion and Homecare Services; they were absolutely terrific!”

— David F., Easton, Mayor

“To whom it may concern,

After a pregnancy complication my doctor at Greenwich Hospital suggested my husband and I consider hiring a baby nurse to help me get some much needed rest. We were lucky enough to be paired with Lily at Connecticut Companions and Homecare Services.

My husband and I are, needles to say the least, extremely protective of our children and were a little apprehensive to leave a stranger alone with our 1 week old all night long but we instantly connected with Lily and felt comfortable. She was great with our son and seemed to have that magic touch to get him comfortable and content. She was with us for 3 full weeks and if we could have kept her another 3 we would have. I would refer Lily to any parent out there needing help with infant care, she’s trustworthy, reliable and a great person.”

— Danielle T.